2020 SLC Competition Update (3/25/20)




Even though the physical conference did not happen, we will be continuing with the competitive events programs by allowing our students to submit their entries via video submission.  Please see the attached document which will define the processes.  As there is still much uncertainty as to when schools will reopen, we have developed processes and procedures to ensure fairness to all competitors as we understand students may likely be filming these presentations from their homes.  This includes:

  • All video submissions must be filmed using a cell phone camera or using a webcam
  • All video submissions must be unedited – judges will understand this and will not judge an entry by the video quality of the submission
  • For our team events, if competitors are not able to get together in person to film, they should use video conferencing apps to present
  • Video submissions should utilize an online video service (e.g., YouTube) and submit a valid URL by April 17th
  • Certain events (Client Service, Future Business Leader, Impromptu Speaking, and Job Interview) will be conducted via video conference with members of the Georgia FBLA staff
  • The question & answer session will be eliminated for all events that had a separate      three-minute Q&A session following the presentation
  • The dress code will be ignored in all student presentations
  • Our team case study events will be eliminating the role play component of the events.       Since the objective test is worth 2/3 of the final score, that will now count as 100% of the final score
  • We will email the results from online testing events, skills testing events that are 100%      completed to you later this week.  The results sheet will indicate  which students will receive awards.  Chapter awards will also be announced later this week
  • The winners for all events with a presentation component will be announced by the end of April once the judging has been completed
  • Plaques and medals will be mailed/delivered to all chapters in May once the results for all events have been determined
  • More information on the submission process and signup process for events that need to be scheduled with Georgia FBLA will be sent to applicable advisers shortly



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